Don't Let Them Make a Monkey Out of You!

HelpUBuy America has been protecting the rights of homebuyers at no additional cost since 1995.
Serving homebuyers in Dallas and Houston.

Flat-Fee & Full Service Pricing

Flat-fee pricing means our commission stays the same regardless of the price of the home you purchase. Perfect for move-up
or do-it-yourself buyers, our flat-fee program saves you thousands and thousands of dollars!

First Time Home Buyer Specialists

We'll hold your hand through all the complicated steps of the homebuying process, from house hunting to
financing through closing and beyond. You're not in this thing alone!

Be Aware.

Any Realtor can SAY that they work for the buyer, but if they work for a company that takes listings (like Re/Max, Ebby, etc.), they are NOT an Exclusive Buyer's Agent!

Exclusive Buyer's Agents represent buyers 100% of the time. They work for companies that never take listings and never represent sellers. There is never a conflict of interest that will jeopardize your negotiating position. Our job is to help you buy the home of your choice at the best possible price and with the best terms.

Exclusive Buyer Agency is endorsed by Ralph Nader, Suze Orman, the New York Times, USA Today, Smart Money, Business Week, US News & World Report, the US Department of Housing, Good Housing, and countless others.

HelpUBuy America has been protecting the rights of homebuyers since 1995, and has a stellar reputation with the Better Business Bureau, the Texas Real Estate Commission, the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents (NAEBA), and Consumer Advocates in American Real Estate (CAARE).



HelpUBuy America offers two pricing programs to accommodate your home buying needs: Flat-Fee and Full-Service.

The flat-fee program is perfect for buyers who know where they want to live and only need to view a limited number of homes. Our fee stays the same regardless of the sales price of the house; the rest of the commission and all bonuses are rebated back to you at closing. Limited service/limited commission.

Buyers who are moving from out of town and first time homebuyers often prefer our full-service program. Full service means we do it all, from previewing the homes through closing. In these cases, we are paid the traditional 3% of the sales price, paid out of the seller's proceeds at closing. Again, all bonuses and sales incentives are rebated back to you.

Either way, you'll still receive the highest level of service and the highest level of consumer protection available anywhere.


No Contract.

Working with us should be the least stressful part of your homebuying experience. That's why we don't ask you to sign a lengthy, restrictive, long-term Buyer's Representation Agreement. In fact, our agreement reads more like a disclosure.

We're confident in our skills as homebuying experts. If you decide you don't like working with us, don't. Don't like our shoes? Don't work with us. Hate the monkeys? Fine. You can terminate our relationship at any time, for any reason. Unlike other real estate companies, we're not going to sue you if you don't buy a house through us. Don't like us? Don't use us. It's that simple. You don't even have to send a termination later. Just go away.

There's no catch, except that we get our gas money upfront. We're not hiding anything or playing any games. When you are ready, willing, and able to buy a house, we'll do a great job for you and save you a lot of money. That's it!


Now Hiring.

HelpUBuy America is the country's only flat-fee Exclusive Buyer's Agency.  After 19 highly successful years in Dallas, we're expanding our services to Houston and across the state of Texas. We're seeking Realtors with a good sense of humor, who will take seriously our mission to protect the rights of Texas homebuyers.

If you hate traditional real estate agents, you'll love working with us! Exclusive Buyer's Agents are typically terrible sales people.  We don't feel comfortable with the traditional, aggressive sales tactics used by most real estate agents. EBA's are caretakers and are genuinely concerned about the welfare of their buyer/clients.  Yes, we want to earn a great living, but we don't sacrifice our clients for the benefit of a paycheck.  We're consumer advocates…the boy scouts and girl scouts of real estate.  And we're rewarded handsomely for our efforts. If you or someone you know is contemplatinga career in real estate, see what HelpUBuy America has to offer!


How It Works

Alysse Musgrave is a graduate of Texas A&M University and owner of HelpUBuy America, an Exclusive Buyer Agency headquartered in Dallas with offices across the state of Texas. She is the author of the bestselling book "Buying a Home: Don't Let Them Make a Monkey Out of You", and the recently released "Realtor Monkey: The Newest, Sanest, Most Respectable Path to Success With Your Real Estate License". For 19 years, Alysse has been advocating for homebuyers who have been used and abused by real estate agents and mortgage companies. In opposition to an industry she found distasteful, she made her feelings known when she started using pictures of monkeys on her business cards rather than pictures of herself. She made few friends in the world of real estate when her slogan became, "Don't Let Them Make a Monkey Out of You!" and when she spoke out very publicly against the practices of predatory lenders. The monkeys, however, make her point, which is that in an industry where financial traps are being set for the buyer, education is paramount.

"In a real estate transaction, the buyer assumes all of the risk. The seller walks away from the property, usually with some money in their pocket. It's the buyer that pays for inspections, appraisals, and mortgage fees, and ends up with the house and a mortgage. It absolutely matters who represents you!"

Alysse Musgrave, Broker/Owner of HelpUBuy America




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Learn how to buy a home without getting ripped off! Written as a guide for anyone in the market for a new home, "Buying a Home: Don't Let Them Make a Monkey Out of You!" shows you how to avoid the financial traps and pitfalls that the real estate and mortgage industries have set for you. Written by best selling author, consumer advocate, and broker/owner of HelpUBuy America, Alysse Musgrave. Available in Paperback and for the Kindle, Nook and the Ipad.